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Miami Demolition Excavator

As Owner/Operators of ADI, we have over 30 years experience in the demolition industry. 


We have knowledge of the business from the field to the office.  We will personally handle every aspect of your project from Estimating, Contract Negotiation, Permit Processing, Utility Disconnections and more to execute your demolition in the safest and most professional manner.


Our goal is to give you a “ Turn Key” project.     

Total Demolition Miami Excavator

Total demolitions involving the removal of a structure, including its foundation, makes up a large percentage of our work; this involves the new construction industry by wrecking an old structure to provide way for the new. We have facilitated many contractors and homeowners on their quest for a new house where an old house stood.

Concrete Wall Removal

Selective demolition of existing structures for renovations and remodeling can be interior or exterior by nature. Exterior demolition can involve cutting a building in half to make it smaller or to add a larger addition. Absolute Demolition, Inc. uses a variety of high tech demolition equipment with many attachments to ensure a safe, effective, and economical demolition.


Absolute Demolition, Inc. also works with clients in preserving historical structures including facades and artwork.

Rough Grading of Job Site in Miami Excavator

Each Total Demoliton will be left clear of all specified demolition materials with a rough graded site pad ready to be used in future construction projects. Specific jobs containing pools and other vacancies can be filled and compacted to ensure there is a safe building pad on the property.

Absolute Demolition, Inc.
Miami, Florida
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